The horse used car consumption Murray car into Linghai only financial partners

recently, a leading domestic auto finance service platform for financial Jingdong Murray car finance, investment strategy, deepen in the second-hand car consumer market layout.



: Murray car brand upgrade

comprehensive financial official

is a member of Murray car finance enterprise Internet consumer finance platform Murray’s financial, focusing on automotive consumer financial services. Relevant data show that the current Chinese car ownership is about 172 million, more than 24 million new cars per year. In developed countries, second-hand car and the car circulation ratio is more than 1.5:1, according to this estimate, the future Chinese second-hand car trading volume is expected to more than 36 million vehicles, according to the estimate of bicycle average 55 thousand yuan, turnover of up to nearly 2 trillion yuan.

at present, Murray has become Beijing Linghai car finance the only official partner, has covered 27 provinces, more than 170 City, with 2000 partners, a total of 30 thousand Car Buying help get their car, the cumulative loan amount is over 2 billion 500 million, creating a domestic Internet banking and financial integration of a new car model.



: Murray car finance provides new and used cars Car Buying loan service

currently the bank’s auto finance business is mainly concentrated in the field of new cars, especially in cooperation with car manufacturers, the use of car financial penetration is very low. American car finance is based on second-hand car financial services, to the quality of the user experience as the core, realize the new financial services gradually expand. Compared with other domestic auto loan providers, car finance has more models, Murray, Shoufu low loan faster, product flexibility, covering the city of many unique advantages.

Murray car finance four major advantages of

1 models multi

Murray car in 2014 to finance the second-hand car market layout, has become the only official partner of Linghai Beijing. Currently, the country has achieved 27 provinces of large 4S stores and second-hand car dealer cooperation, models complete, can meet the different needs of consumers.

2 down payment low

Murray car finance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Murray’s financial, financial Murray has been to let the young people enjoy faster and better life "philosophy, adhere to the concept of financial vehicle to Murray, young people can also enjoy the second-hand car service, Car Buying first payment can be as low as 15%, the maximum loan amount of 500 thousand.

3 loan fast

car can be directly through the Murray financial online data, 300 minutes can be the fastest loan. Recently, Murray car finance and Jingdong also reached a strategic cooperation with financial capital, Jingdong and Jingdong financial data support, car finance loan process Murray will be further optimized and improved, more quick and safe user >

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