How to make money while playing micro share

I have a lot of dreams, want to become a freelance writer, want to become the color image stylist, want to become a gourmet, want to be a traveler, to open a small coffee shop, want to have their own small business. I believe that every one of you is full of dreams. Just because of the process of growing up, we will bury them deep in the heart. My ambition is small and big. Because only in the field of interest will expand. I also know that dreams no more action to support is a dream. In order to realize the dream of traveling, and a second time I work in the campus, third I made overseas purchasing, senior winter settled in New Zealand friends told me excitedly that there is an interesting micro business can play while making money. I didn’t fall asleep that night. I only tried 3 times in college. So in the middle of the night to check a lot of information, including domestic and foreign, company background and positive negative news. Because the idea of making money while you play really fantastic, when I was in Google map did find this company in the United States of Texas, Dallas. I breathed a sigh of relief, but still didn’t sleep well all night. For the next couple of days, I’ve been popping up in my head. So I took my friends to visit. With his family decided to set up a travel package flew to Texas. For the first time, I can see that there is no such thing as a shopping trip, a welcoming dinner and a birthday party. Each team is from all over the world, different colors, there are South Korea, Burma, France, the United States and other places. I also participated in the tour, I think we should let every member have fun without even a little complaining voice is very difficult, but the company did. Everyone will care about each other, there is always a kind of happy atmosphere. Delays in my plane is still immersed in the depressed, the company is close to send a small gift. I suddenly realized that no matter what industry, to care about each customer’s feelings and feelings must not be wrong.


when I experienced this can be making money while you play the project after I finally could be responsible for sharing with friends. I started with a circle of friends, Fackbook, Instagram, twitter, my travel experience and the derivative can be making money while you play good share micro-blog. Soon friends have continued to ask me. I know the true love to share my way of life, love freedom, love travel and play while the money will also attract people living with this love. One after another, my team also grow. But in this process, I have been questioned, I was also a lot of people deleted. I’m from excitement to depression. I was lucky enough to meet a lot of friends who believe in and like this way of life. And I slowly learned that the most effective way to deal with any challenge is to verify, experience, and make yourself stronger and better. This month 17 in order to feel the strength of the company, I also fly to Kansas

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