Fang Lin successful listing of information, dividend mall opened B2C new experience!

according to the Ministry of Commerce statistics show that China has now become the world’s largest online retail market. 2013 online shopping users reached 302 million people, the transaction size reached $1 trillion and 850 billion, accounting for 7.8% of total retail sales of social consumption. Especially with the explosive growth of mobile Internet, mobile online shopping has been rapid development. Many of the traditional mobile online shopping business has smell this big cake delicious, have been involved in online shopping for mobile, mobile entrance.

but for traditional electricity suppliers, in order to successfully eat delicious cake, is not simply the traditional Internet business model to mobile phone, also is not only the extension of the Internet to the mobile phone business. For traditional businesses, especially terminal businesses, business content and business model innovation will determine whether they can keep up with the mobile Internet era.

look around the country a number of electricity providers, Qingdao Fang Lin Information Technology Co., Ltd.’s dividend network and dividend mall B2C model of the most dynamic and innovative.

2010, Lim information captured Internet shopping rebate of the tide, to create online shopping rebate platform – dividend navigation network, in cooperation with Taobao and more than and 400 online shopping mall, many products will rebate a convergence, better meet consumer consumer demand for goods rebate.


2014, in the face of the bottleneck of the development of the traditional electricity supplier, faced with the transition to find new online shopping flow entrance, the rapid development of mobile Internet shopping for the public electricity supplier has brought the dawn of development. In particular, the emergence of mobile social networking shopping, online shopping into a new stage of development. In order to adapt to the new trend of the development of online shopping, Fang Lin Information Technology Co., Ltd. launched a mobile social networking platform – dividend Mall (

dividend mall and the traditional shopping platform is not the largest in its accompanying social attributes, improve consumer experience. And successfully solve the traditional electronic business platform to sell goods to the merchant’s own fight a lone battle awkward scene. In the bonus mall, merchants can set up a commission to attract consumers to share the goods to various social platforms.

mobile market has ushered in the peak period of development, the transformation of traditional enterprises have set foot in, Fang Lin Technology Co. Ltd. has successfully listed in July, in order to better posture to provide consumers with accurate differentiated services, providing mobile social shopping experience. I believe that with Lin Fang Information Technology Co. Ltd. listed, B2C mode upgrade and improvement of consumer acceptance, the future information Lim will move into a new stage of development, occupy more market share in the expansion of the electricity market, but also will lead the domestic electricity supplier services to a new level.

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