Alibaba occupied the world’s two largest manufacturing center contrarian expansion trend

Alibaba company CEO Wei Zhe June 22nd declared: "India has a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, and domestic market steady, rapid growth in exports, for we are a unique and important market. The number of our members in India grew by 138% last year, making India the largest supplier market in China after china. We will work to further develop the India market."

Alibaba 100th

India Manam Exports Sanjeev members – Mr. Gogna, held in the day before a celebration, a Alibaba founder and Chairman Ma and Alibaba chief executive issued commemorative plate.

power from the market, so that the four BRIC market integration between the more exuberant vitality. June 22nd, from one of the BRIC countries Chinese, the world’s leading e-commerce service provider Alibaba, announced in another "BRIC countries" India "on the first anniversary of entering the India e-commerce market just as the Alibaba has recorded local customer breaking million", to further consolidate the e-commerce market in India the absolute leading position.

as the market power of Alibaba as a mirror, reflecting strong growth in the BRIC potential market "in the winter; at the same time, the two" BRIC "together through electronic commerce represented by Alibaba and to accelerate the realization of high efficiency and low cost.

"the market relationship between China and India is developing more and more positive environment." Professor Nehru of India University, Mr Varin · Singer’s judgment.

obviously, Alibaba in the Ganges RIver river the release of "million" good, not only can let the world over buyers and suppliers to share a "BRIC market" dividend, more important is to deliver distinctive, emerging market trade reform A new force suddenly rises. signal.

Analysis of

Wei Zhe, the current global economic crisis is an excellent opportunity for Alibaba, the crisis of small and medium-sized enterprises make customers more choice to invest in e-commerce, make the Alibaba service more market leadership, at the same time, the Alibaba will take the opportunity for future development to devote more resources to the Alibaba’s business in the future better. Powerful.

it is understood that Alibaba and other overseas markets in India and Japan have achieved absolute market share. While India and Japan are only part of overseas expansion, Alibaba plans in the United States, Europe and other overseas markets, such as the depth of expansion.

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