Bezos’s dark side the king of the electricity supplier in the end how ruthless, Amazon formerly know

Abstract: beware of the madman is a word to remind each other Amazon employees. Bezos was famous for his laughter, and even if there was nothing to be happy about, Bezos would burst into laughter. This behavior will often make the employees jump out, if the employee’s work did not reach the standard of Bezos, Bezos would laugh, that smile to people more terrible than scold.


recently, a New York Times called "change the world" by Amazon employees out of the article, caused wide public concern. Amazon said the performance appraisal is extremely harsh, and even developed an instant feedback platform such wonderful tool to encourage employees to expose each other. This article is mainly aimed at the blue collar workers work hard working environment, in fact, the white-collar workers in the Amazon have not had a good day. A woman suffering from breast cancer, but was told that you have the risk of dismissal". The reason is that her personal life may be inconvenient, which will largely affect her work objectives. Other employees are probably so, if you are sick, Amazon will not give them time to let the body heal.

has a lot of reports about the unique management style of the business genius, but most of the reports are about Amazon’s success. In 2013, Bloomberg BusinessWeek correspondent Brad · Stone spent 10 years with Bezos himself and Amazon employees, finally completed the "catch" a book, the book in addition to praise Bezos made to change the way people live contribution, also reveals Bezos the president handed many unknown stories.

Bezos was born on 1964 in Albuquerque. Quirke of the state of New Mexico, and apple founder Jobs, Bezos is an illegitimate child. When Bezos was born, his mother was a high school student. Later his mother took Bezos to marry his father, childhood experience, may be an important reason for the formation of personality of Bezos.

look at the other side of the king of electricity supplier,

Amazon formerly known as "ruthless"

1994, that is, the year before Bezos founded Amazon, Bezos and his wife has been taking a good name for the company and racking their brains. An accidental opportunity, the wife discovers a domain name (Relentless is cruel, cruel meaning), the person that the person around thinks this name is too negative, but Bezos likes very much however. So in September 1994, Bezos registered the domain name. Interested partners can enter the domain name in the browser, you will find that the domain name will automatically jump to the u.s..

now Amazon has been established for a full 20 years, at this time the Amazon has become the Internet industry giants, but Bezos has retained Relentless.>