Agricultural Finance climb out of the quagmire is smooth

this year, the financial sector has a large number of investors to the dumping of natural calamities and man-made misfortunes. "". Two days before the Spring Festival in 2016, the main characters of Pan Asian Empire arrest is a comfort. Investors (more accurately called dealer) rights of the long road, the entire spot trading industry into the fog. At the same time, the dazzling financial scam actually appeared in the fruits of fruit – fruit camp event. In fact, in addition to bulk grain varieties, many fruits and vegetables products, processing of agricultural products, and even packaged food has begun to finance. Garlic, Jiang your army "," Pu’er Tea bubble "event has great popularity.


although some involved in agricultural financial disaster to society caused serious negative impact, I still think of agricultural products especially the regional brand products of financial value far excavated, "Internet plus agriculture + financial" have a brilliant future. Entrepreneurs to overcome psychological speculation, practical value creation; investors should be visionary, deception. In an article on the "from farm to table the Long March, fresh electricity markets and agricultural grant saved each other", the author mentions finance for the regional brand of agricultural product value, this paper discusses about, still in Yantai apple as an example.

, financialization of commodity trading places in different poses and with different expressions, dragons and fishes jumbled together

at the end of 2015, China’s record of all kinds of financial trading places about one thousand, the SFC tube is only six, the other is by the local government support and supervision of the "innovative" trading places. As a result of legal regulation, the local trading place is based on the service of "spot trade" for the purpose, here is called the spot market. These "pilot" spot some platform created a great value, make up the short board of the futures market, some are causing significant financial disaster. Spot trading is a new thing, has its value, but the lack of regulation, industry ecology was severely damaged by criminals. From the beginning of 2011, the national rectification on the spot market, but is not the end of the Kowloon flood, clear thinking, until the July 2015 pan crash.

futures trading is a high degree of financial instruments, expect to avoid the risk of large varieties of international trade, trading places do not need too much, but too much will lead to price disorder. Today, the world’s major futures exchanges will be dozens of major commodity futures varieties will be dozens. While the spot market based on the domestic trade, generally smaller scale, the system is flexible, standardized blossom everywhere, really help to a certain extent, to achieve the financial commodity, a collection of transaction information, reduce transaction costs, promote the quality of progress. Xiao Gang, former chairman of the Commission at the 2016 meeting of the national securities and futures regulatory conference stressed the need to improve the commodity trading market system, the real spot trading services for the supply side to contribute to reform. This shows that the policy level allows the development of new things, to a certain extent, recognized the value of the spot, but can not be reduced to speculation.

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