Talk about how to turn the flow into the store revenue

Anhui Internet Alliance hosted thousands of owners lecture ( has been to the twenty-ninth period, this period we invited hishop founder Yang Bin. HIshop is the largest independent.NET shop service provider, began in 2002, long-term focus on the development of B2C online shopping software and related value-added services to provide shop. The company’s main business is for small and medium enterprises, individual network operators and webmaster provide independent B2C shopping website to build a one-stop service package and shop promotion, supply shop, shop to provide personalized custom shop and other related value-added services, the beginning of the 07 year product positioning in the supply shop agent distribution of this market segment, is one of the earliest launch shop sourcing agent distribution shop system products shop service provider.

, the main group, broadcast group, broadcast group (1500 people) is full, the webmaster can add 500 new people, new four group: 27915544 free to attend but please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below is the lecture memoir:

Hello, I’m Yang Bin HiShop online system, we all used to call me freezing point. Our team from He Long’s hometown, Hunan in Zhangjiajie, so there are friends that we are bandits team. Now the company in Changsha, today is very pleased to have the opportunity here and you have a boss who exchange.

today with everyone on how to convert their website traffic into revenue in e-commerce applications and we do an exchange..

first and we briefly introduce us:

HISHOP began in 2002, team building and grew up in beautiful Zhangjiajie, last year moved to Changsha, focused on providing B2C shopping software development and related value-added services independent shop has been seven years, mainly for small and medium enterprises, individual network operators and owners to provide a one-stop shop to build service packages and supply shop, shop shop promotion, personalized and independent shop shop business related value-added services.2007 years ago has been concerned in the B2C retail network operators service in 2007 began to pay more attention to the individual needs of supply network. That same year the supply agency help supply network operators to carry out supply shop agent distribution and distribution channels to expand the distribution network version, is one of the earliest, is so far the only company to provide supply shop agent distribution and network distribution channels for supply network operators to expand online system products and related services independent online service provider.

next, I want to share with you, as a network to open a good independent shop on the Internet, and make money, which will be the main of which a few big pain.

the first big pain: no advantage

set up shop on the Internet, then you must first solve the problem of supply, that is, you will be in your independent shop above, >

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