On the verge of collapse of honey Amoy is not the first to fall cross-border electricity supplier

[Abstract] some cross-border electricity providers to make use of policy dividends to make a profit, these cross-border electricity supplier most likely to die in the future.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on March 30th

"who let you sell these things?" (these are) to be used to pay off the debt." In the honey Amoy office, honey Amoy company is a supplier of honey to blame the staff.

this is the scene at the beginning of this year, according to people familiar with the Tencent said in February this year, honey Amoy employees began selling his company to the next company’s office supplies: "the new Apple laptops sold only 3000 yuan, 100 yuan more than a small part of the original office only with sales of less than ten yuan the price." The source further said, honey Amoy CEO Xie Wenbin at the end of this year will not appear in the office, related matters are all honey Amoy administrative departments for disposal, and the reason is the sale of office supplies "to employees wages".

it is hard to imagine the horrors of a year and a half ago, at that time or honey Amoy cross-border electricity transformation model leader, bonded zone from the grey sea Amoy successfully, and is regarded as the object of study. But in the cross-border electricity supplier in full swing today, honey Amoy has quietly left.

is more terrible, in the cross-border electricity supplier industry, facing the increasingly tightening of tax policy and the giant influx of business window is gradually closed, honey Amoy is becoming the first home dead cross-border electricity supplier, but definitely not the last one.

from C2C to B2C

2014, is the most beautiful one year. Within a year, the company has changed its name, angel round, A round, B wheel and other major events, and even the policies are standing around them.

July 2014, the General Administration of Customs issued a series of "cross-border trade of Electronic Commerce on the entry and exit of goods and articles related to regulatory issues notice" and "on the way to code additional customs supervision notice", is the industry known as the "56" and "57", from the policy level that cross-border e-commerce, at the same time approved by the passage of bonded mode, it was considered a clear regulatory framework for cross-border electricity supplier.

in the two documents before the release of "6+1" a cross-border pilot city open to the cross-border tax preferential policies, namely the purchase of overseas goods through cross-border electricity supplier channels only need to pay tax parcel, eliminating tariff + VAT + consumption tax general import trade "".

keen to grasp the wisdom of the sea Amoy mouth, quickly from the sea Amoy purchasing mode transformation B2C, and access to capital recognition.

according to Tencent science and technology, the predecessor of Amoy Amoy sea Amoy CN was founded in early 2014, the original goal of the sea Amoy shopping guide or purchasing, the core logic is settled in the business model, similar to Taobao. But soon, this model has been challenged, purchasing mode relative stocking mode price more transparent, >

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