said the United States behind the merger rumors forced by the capital of winter

if the Chinese Internet in 2015 to the next definition, then the merger must not be evasive keywords.


the latest news about the merger, said, the beautiful and the sea Amoy Amoy platform will merge with the world, it is possible for convertible + cash.

in China’s Internet industry, beautiful and is a unique existence. They were very similar, just like a mirror outside you and "it"; they had the same ordeal, 2013 Taobao began to guide platform severely blocked, so they almost cornered; after suffering, two of which were once backed by a good shade tree shopping guide website had to grow independently, frequently transition.

beauty was founded in 2009, completed the 5 round of financing, the total financing of $250 million, the peak of more than $3 billion valuation, the current valuation of nearly 6 billion yuan; in 2011, was founded, completed the 5 round of financing, the total financing of $250 million, the peak of more than $2 billion valuation, the current valuation of nearly ten billion yuan.

has close to the merger of the sources, said Xu Yirong, after the merger, said the founder of (micro-blog) and part of the team will quit, founder CEO served as a new company after the merger. But as of press time,, said the United States did not determine the relevant rumors.

has long been rumored

in 2013, the most popular electricity supplier shopping guide site is beautiful and Data show that in 2012, Taobao has nearly 10% of the traffic comes from the beautiful and as the representative of the shopping community, the shopping guide website from Taobao into more than $600 million. Taobao is a comprehensive online shopping site, and beautiful, said shopping guide website is aimed at young women users, are relatively vertical areas. They are characterized by helping users to select the right products, and provide matching, community services.

this is the most comfortable shopping guide website years, but this model quickly led to the vigilance of ali. Ma Yun (micro-blog) "issued in the internal support upstream shopping guide website continues to expand, Ali traffic entrance should be grassland rather than forests, support the rebate site instructions.

followed by Taobao quickly adjust Taobao passenger rules. August 2013, Taobao introduced the history of the most stringent ban policy, the provisions of the third party platform will not be included in the low price of the main search sort and display sales. At the same time, beautiful and products are unable to connect to the Taobao business, by the end of 2013, Taobao began to ban alipay.

beautiful said, had to turn to the road of self built electronic business platform, which is relying on the electricity supplier shopping guide industry in the accumulation of popularity and traffic, excellent shop on the line, said the line is beautiful shop.

according to Tencent science and technology, at the beginning of last year high

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