Zhang Jindong firm confidence and determination to transform the nternet retail

morning news reporter Xie Lei

is being held in NPC and CPPCC, Premier Li Keqiang explicitly mentioned the development of the Internet, innovation driven, O2O fusion to combat counterfeiting, the development of logistics support, especially the Internet " +" action plan, to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and modern manufacturing industry combination, to promote the healthy development of e-commerce and Internet banking. Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning, said that this strengthened the confidence and determination of Suning Internet retail transformation.

Zhang Jindong said, will fully promote the integration of online and offline O2O mode landing execution. Straight year in 2015 Suning entered the accelerated transformation of the Internet, O2O mode transformation of the results of the integration of online and offline will promote mass landing, with the Internet as the carrier of the new consumer Huimin limin.

secondly, Suning to highlight innovation driven, vigorously adjust the industrial structure, grasp the initiative in development, the initiative to adapt to and lead the new normal economic development. He suggested that, from the policy level, should establish the logistics industry energy consumption and emission standards, promote the logistics enterprises with low energy consumption, low emission vehicles and green storage; from the enterprise level, integrated service platform to build a service industry advocate enterprises of small and medium-sized logistics enterprises, promote the socialization process of enterprise logistics system.

in NPC and CPPCC, Zhang Jindong took the implementation of platform Shouwenfuze System Shield fake proposal, proposed a comprehensive online shopping platform to promote Shouwenfuze system, from the system level to promote the network shopping platform for enterprises in advance, and afterwards the whole process to prevent counterfeiting, shielding, rapid intervention system and eliminate network illegal business behavior. And effectively protect the interests of consumers and social public interests.

Zhang Jindong said that through the construction of suning.com service stations in rural areas, intensive distribution platform Suning currently has formed effective goods and services, the future will be with the electricity supplier channels and networks, the " resources of agricultural products; drainage line " and through agricultural city distribution channels.

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