Every guest room called the power outage caused by fault access


‘s official website this morning visit the

fault VANCLSina

technology news October 18th morning news, today morning business online (vancl.com) accessing fault. Where the relevant responsible person said, the problem is because the power room. Today is the five anniversary of vancl. In addition, another Amazon China (z.cn) this morning there are similar problems.

today morning, users have found business website to visit eslite. In view of this situation, VANCL official explained that, due to power outages caused room VANCL accessing fault current related issues have been sent, access is gradually recovering. We did not disclose what room appeared blackouts.

because today is the Eslite five anniversary of the problem but also to the outside world there are a lot of suspicion.

let this caused outside attention, almost in the same time, another electricity supplier website Amazon Chinese also appeared access exception, but to the date when the Amazon Chinese page has returned to normal. Currently, Amazon China has not yet appeared on the issue of public response. (Shu Shi)

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