Tian Wangui integrated marketing to brand strength and sales force to promote

won the first annual conference held in Xiamen, the annual meeting as the first network marketing and e-commerce event in 2011 by the industry’s hot. Conference from SEO, B2B, SNS, video, micro-blog, Email marketing and other aspects of the discussion.

the following is the vice president of easy media Tian Tian speech record:

often happy to be in Xiamen today, see Fujian have so many very good brand enterprises in fact very pleased. Today, I am very happy to see a lot of positive brand pattern, which is associated with the promotion of the year the government, I was also deeply involved in the overall level of industrial planning things. Here today to share with you the so-called integrated marketing of the road, in fact, there are only three topics, very simple. The first is the integration of marketing is an eternal topic. Since it is an eternal subject we need to find the eternal law, in fact, you grasp the law of integrated marketing is not difficult. Second, the integration of brand marketing and sales force to promote the dual. We often ignore one aspect of the other side of the drill, I will talk with you today. Third is how to plan the system now, win the future marketing. In fact, this is very critical. I think all of you here are traditional marketing background, we look at the relationship between traditional integrated marketing and interactive marketing integration and different.

we look at the whole pattern of digital media, in the world within the scope of the whole digital world actually should be in full swing. China’s digital media smoke, we can see a wide variety of news every day, as if the war is very intense, in fact, is the vertical information, professional electricity supplier, the user fragmentation. We talk about interactive marketing is just a means, we look at the so-called integrated marketing must seize some of the features. Digital media in full swing we take a closer look at, very good outdoor media but also into digital media, billboards now we are in a lot of outdoor subway advertising into the digital media, digital media and do a very good combination. Why do you want to know this, because you have to understand its advantages, to know that it is better to apply it.

triple play to promote the "three screen integration" this trend has been formed, regardless of the screen from the television to the computer, to the mobile phone to the IPAD of our integrated marketing theory, we integrate marketing practices should be how to adjust. About the complex propagation environment, the background of integrated marketing increasingly change so we say that integrated marketing is an eternal topic, one let it go to the outbreak of a market tension. At present, we discuss more traditional marketing theory for so many years, the impact of various fields, a single field is not enough. If only one aspect is considered relatively insufficient. After all, no matter is no line or line between people in the integration process to analyze continuously, to judge the behavior of people, in all kinds of cross domain dynamic to judge the behavior of people, to be more highly judgment marketing system. Integrated marketing is just a variety of

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