The sea Amoy commodity seven great leap forward the authenticity of the enemy to retreat is still di

"black five" under the sea Amoy "great leap forward"

goods authenticity, logistics too slow, seven days to return such mishap is still hard to solve

– IT Times reporter Sun Yan

double eleven just past, "black Friday" (referred to as "black five") again. Amazon opened up Chinese and America’s account, in the Amazon China can directly buy Amazon American goods, but the price is the same; ocean terminal, more than 20 thousand certified buyers live a shopping spree, Amazon, Tmall and other international Jingdong global purchase "shelf" commodity display; NetEase koalas in the bonded area of delivery greatly improve the speed of logistics……

does not want to double eleven and Tmall Sike vertical cross-border electricity supplier will be this year’s big promotion in this week. In November 27th, foreign online shopping "double eleven", once a year in the Thanksgiving Day (the last Thursday in November) after the end of the foreign market and began to promote the electricity supplier clearance. In the minor in a few years later, this year, cross-border electricity are ready to make a big fight.

according to the "IT times" reporter, from the beginning of November 20th, the cross-border electricity supplier "black Friday promotion" has begun. Today, the average daily sales of overseas Amazon has reached 3 times the previous week, the average price of the first day of the foreign terminal reached $507, the average single volume for each of the 2.3 single daily consumption of more than $1000. According to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that in 2013 China overseas purchasing market size of 76 billion 700 million, in 2014 exceeded 100 billion mark, is expected in 2015 will reach 247 billion 800 million, compared with the same period in 2014 at least doubled.

however, behind these "great leap forward" digital China, sea Amoy market there are still many problems: the sea Amoy goods false ones, logistics prices, lost pieces, long time did not get fundamental change, customer service process is still not mature……

cargo is still a true heart of a thorn

in August 13th this year, Cao mother bought two bags of Kao Lala pants from honey bud baby, is used for the first time that the fault is very serious, there has been a large suction water exposure. "The baby’s bottom is all the size of a grain of rice, jelly like particles, my first time to contact the honey bud baby service, they say this is a normal phenomenon, before use, shake it." The matter has not yet been resolved, honey bud only agreed to a package of Lala pants return unopened, but users need to take care of 70 to 80 yuan freight. "The price is almost the same as the price of the goods. When I complained to a number of agencies, they told me that honey baby complaints rate has been high." Today, Cao mother deleted honey bud baby App, not to buy the product in a similar sea Amoy platform, but choose a more expensive line of maternal and child stores.

in a "denounce honey bud" QQ group, has a similar experience of mothers not under 200. The main problem encountered is not shipped

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