Courier dead electricity supplier will be better

express dead, electricity providers will be better?

when you see this title, feel a little title party a suspect? But please shaoanwuzao, I take this title is not to wow all Quchong, I think this is hard to talk to the courier industry. Especially when I read a article entitled "the reporter unannounced visits to 10 express," day delivery into empty reports after feeling a surge of blood more, impulse they want to say a fair, although today the emergence of this situation, the courier company responsible is no doubt, but don’t express company unilaterally caused by? Today is the development of business enterprise is not very influential also can not escape the relationship? They are closely linked. If one day delivery really overwhelmed, dead, we electricity providers who will be better?

briefly talk about this news about the content. New Year approaching, news reporters visited ten courier companies, courier industry experience before the Spring Festival holiday will follow the express service guide, improve service quality. But the reporter observed the results are expected, there are unexpected.

is expected, common warehouse explosion, delay, error distribution and so on, also heard a stolen goods, and switch, when the reporter asked "to express employees resistance products express why are so easily damaged", they are very honest, express usually are scattered randomly piled in many express outlets can be seen, the staff in the vast sea in a, in the process, there are on the express parcel express transport and violence, resulting in damage, this is a normal phenomenon. For the past two years, the surge in online shopping needs, continue to expand the scale of business enterprise, resulting in a short time express surge, but the courier industry has failed to fit well with the perfect express, the workers in order to save time, have to in the case, made the above behavior. According to common sense, it is wrong to do so, but in turn, I think it is helpless.


express courier also delay a prominent problem, when the business enterprise in the online shopping and customer disputes appeared, this problem for a certain proportion, in fact, this is due to express human distribution can not keep up, transfer station shipment leaving positions caused by, when serious, two weeks ago also express stranded in the transfer station, you say "not a cup of cup"


thing is actually contrary to expectation, there courier trafficking of customer information, to express company executives to understand the situation when, his answer is "probably the company system to hacker attacks, data leakage caused by", do you think the answer of such high credibility? According to the reporter in the courier between the understanding of the situation there very different. The reporter also found that very few courier will at the time of collection, let the customer written address and sign, and then making a higher price for myself to write up a standard amount of freight after the departure of these rumors is the clerk of the gray income".


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