Really really big price, AUBAY behind babe network 9.8 anniversary Carnival

this September, for the 9.8 anniversary of the carnival, maternal electricity supplier babe network busy awfully, first – Bao mother campaign Carnival line, express box shaped amusement park, let all the adorable baby playing with the United States took the baby be in full swing, channel cooperation, to join the network red mothers live treasure mom Lianliankan baby, first time for fun activities, activities once again maxed micro-blog. On September 8th, the anniversary event officially opened, the audience full of 300 back to 300, tens of millions of big 9.8 yuan is really really big seckill, really upset his mother, fancy shopping 50 million users.

in addition to awesome promotions, the anniversary also received a number of big brands in unison blessing. The domestic well-known brand AUBAY infant toys, as a long-term close cooperation with babe network of well-known brands, the Group executives personally Beibei blessing, and sent a large force full cut deals, 9.8 anniversary, AUBAY bought on babe network, full 199 by 50.


AUBAY brand, to become the best China baby growth partner "for the brand concept, product 100% is safe and non-toxic, can be assured that the baby bite, also has a variety of gameplay features, is the ability to cultivate the baby good. The anniversary celebration, the mothers don’t just stare at the milk diapers Oh, pick up some interesting toys for the baby, let the baby in the game at the same time, coordination ability, touch hand eye to get comprehensive development, a lot of benefits.


It is reported that

, the babe network 9.8 anniversary celebration, in addition to all the big names have awesome full reduction activities, more than 24 hours 9.8 yuan big serial activities, is an excellent opportunity to seckill mothers stockpile. In addition, September 8th to 12, will be issued on the massive babe network billion red rain, every day the 10 wave of the whole point run, with premium anniversary coupons, the maximum value of 100 yuan, there is no brand special threshold number hit the big red, red envelopes, the greater the probability of winning.


it is worth mentioning that, in addition to meet the demand for the baby moms stockpile, babe network in love mother this matter is also unambiguous, popular hot mom is welcome, Royal mud square, Maybelline, Yan man, Josini and many other big in this activity on welfare. When the mother is not the only in front of the formula, 90% of the time at ease with the baby, but also leave 10% time to make yourself beautiful oh.

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