Students open shop is the key to find a monthly income of 3000 products

with online shopping more and more popular, students read in the online shop to earn pocket money, graduates are officially engaged in network business, which has become a new way to many college students employment. According to iResearch survey data show that in the past two years, accounting for more than 50% stores, accounting for about a year in the new shop around. to release the employment index also shows that the first half of this year there are 1 million 60 thousand people through the Taobao shop to achieve employment, from the age point of view, Taobao owner in more than half of the 20-32 years old, especially online shop became the beginning a lot of entrepreneurship students from a university in Hebei Xiao Yao is a typical.

Xiao Yao told reporters that he is a senior this year, is the electronic business, in order to compensate for the lack of theoretical knowledge learned in school only, he listened to some of the recommendations of friends, try to open shop on platform, because a friend is doing traditional business, you can get a direct supply of goods, originally confident, but a few months later that shop No one shows any interest in online business, not poor promotion, nor is the product not attractive, but Taobao for individual users and then gradually weakened, mainly in the promotion of Taobao mall. "Taobao set up shop for individuals to open shop in particular, the opportunity to open up is not much.

not reconciled to the failure of Xiao Yao began self-study website technology, after 3 months of practice, he finally set up their own online mall — the heart network ( The site sells all kinds of exquisite makeup mirror, because the product is attractive, and the price is cheap, it is for lovers or friends, is a good gift, now mainly through some friends through propaganda, one day to sell dozens of them, can earn 3000 yuan sales under the condition of a good month, enough for my living expenses expenses." Xiao Yao said proudly.

through the online shop of Xiao Yao e-commerce have a deeper understanding, "the electronic commerce is still in business, electronic or network only trading tools to assist, only to make good use of this tool to promote trade. Independent shop is relatively easy to set up shop online C2C brand and promotion and open up the network market".

Xiao Yao told reporters, before the college opened shop the best analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, do not blindly follow the trend to see what other people do make money do what, according to the energy and the ability to identify the direction of their own. But he also stressed that the students still dominated by academic is the most important, open shop is just a way of cultivating comprehensive ability, in order to entrepreneurship and abandoned their studies is simply the act.

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