Tmall supermarket fresh monthly sales break billion, 2016 focus on force Southern China Market

the end of the first day of new year’s day in 2016, Tmall announced the supermarket’s fresh business in December 2015, the amount of sales exceeded 100 million yuan, an increase of 400%, took the lead in the domestic fresh online sales platform.

relevant responsible person introduced in January 4th, 2015, Alibaba to enhance the user experience, Tmall supermarket invested a lot of resources, the main "unified process, unified service, unified customer service". Fresh channels which grew rapidly, especially the welfare of the most lucrative market in Beijing, in December achieved an increase of up to 1300%.

"in early 2016, we will put more attention in Guangzhou, Shenzhen based market in Southern China, mainly focusing on the growth potential of orders in Southern China." The responsible person said, in July last year, Southern China District opened the big promotion, Tmall supermarket channel gives full 200 minus 100 preferential, in the local market hit. On Christmas Eve, the introduction of commodity promotions once again detonated consumer enthusiasm, orders grew 1000%.

Tmall supermarket business has a separate channel brand "daily fresh, fresh fruit from Shanghai to exclusive tray operation, and a wholly owned subsidiary of an easy fruit Xianda responsible for the back-end warehouse distribution system, including multi zone warehouse and its own logistics system. At present, Tmall supermarket fresh food cold chain throughout the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing, Tianjin and other cities nationwide.

data show that Shanghai consumer favorite cherry, Beijing people like to eat egg like the people of Hangzhou Deqing margin, Australia whole bovine tendon core, Guangzhou people love Spring Chicken. Korla pear, ginseng and other organic food is being touted in the "haze prone". Word of mouth wide Tmall supermarket leveraging the huge user. Which for the Beijing market, a penny to buy eggs campaign, in just three months to sell a total of 3 million 200 thousand eggs, equivalent to a medium-sized supermarket sales in the past 20 years.

fresh electricity because the logistics has been regarded as a higher threshold, the electricity supplier’s last piece of blue ocean, at present has been the emergence of a fresh, easy fruit orchard every day, the original life, SF preferred, Tootoo brand etc.. Analysts said the high cost of logistics costs and wastage, fresh electricity supplier, the scale of the king is increasingly obvious characteristics. Relying on a huge platform of Alibaba, Tmall supermarket rapid expansion, and has been promoted from product selection, supply, quality control to the ability to manage storage, logistics, sales, has its unique core competitive advantage is to lead the domestic fresh electricity supplier.

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