How to let more people find your shop

1) with the same industry site links

in order to enhance their online popularity, increase traffic, in preparation for the shop when it should pay more attention to some of their online content related or similar websites, especially those high flow gas Wang, but be careful away. After his shop built, you can talk about the link with their things. Of course, built early, others may be because your site does not flow and ignore it, which requires you to put down the attitude, talk with them a matter of conscience, as long as the heart plus your already in the shop to their site links, believe that your site will soon appear on their site. Mutual promotion.

such as: if your online shop is the printing industry, you can go to the printing business network links application:

2) printing business cards in reality to spread

shop is open on the Internet, but you are in your life, to the buyer is also a baby in the mail. Design a unique personality of the business card, printed on their contact information and store address, may wish to put a few in the mail. Because of the exquisite design, buyers can not afford to give up, if there is a chance that the other party will show it to others, this is equivalent to saying that you are doing propaganda. Oh, the details, you will not want to see.

3) published soft Wen, information

if you write the information is very attractive, and in the article cleverly add the relevant information in your shop, it is very easy for customers to search on the network to your store.

4) frequently updated online shop

the truth is self-evident, the replacement of the page, can give a person find everything fresh and new feeling, don’t always board with a dead face, will make some friends bored. If your store does not have other projects in the near future, there is no new product, but do not forget to exchange the location of several commodities, or add some new words, in short, often to the new will be attractive.

at the same time, often updated, then the search engine is easier to include your shop information.

5) search engine optimization to enhance the ranking



in the forum post, is a good way to increase store view. The content of the post, will be included. In the Chinabbs forum female channel as an example, there are a lot of content, Taobao forum in Amoy send posts, so everyone is the key content of posts. There is a concern about their hair posts, I generally made their own posts, others give me a reply, I will immediately contact others, thanks, but also to know more than a Amoy friends, to establish their own wider circle of communication.

7) to improve their own brand store details

complete store in detail to allow customers to trust, trust you, but also more easily be search engine search >

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