Chang move to sell traditional retail enterprises to help transform the electricity supplier 3 times

since 2015, driven by the rapid development of the Internet environment, China’s e-commerce has entered a blowout trend. According to the "2015 year China e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that in 2015 the electricity supplier turnover reached 18 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of 36.5%, an increase of 5.1 percentage points, which derived from the business model of continuous improvement, service providers also according to escalating consumer demand has been a qualitative improvement.

The development process of

in electronic business for ten years, from 1 of our electricity supplier price war era into the 2 "fast" products era ", and now the" human centered "mobile social electricity supplier 3 era has begun, consumers believe that word-of-mouth rather than advertising, trust economy, sharing economy has gradually become a new business model.

three changes in the electricity supplier usher in the era of


1, the relationship between employees and bosses in traditional industries. Traditional electricity supplier employees and employers to maintain the relationship between employers and employees, commission and commission is the most important catalyst, but this way there will be periodic limitations, but can not effectively stimulate short-term enthusiasm of employees. Mobile social electricity supplier era, the first significant change is the staff from the "employee" to "partner" conversion on this identity directly to the "driven" to "self drive", from "work for others" to "work for yourself".

2, stores and electricity supplier business relationship changes. In the traditional sense, the line of stores and online electricity supplier sector departments are independent, and even competitive relationship. The concept of "store online" has been widely accepted, and this competition has gradually turned into a cooperative relationship. Store shopping guide can also be business platform for customer service, the identity of both, with each other, not only to meet the next line sales tasks, and to expand the online sales channels, to achieve online and offline two departments win-win.

3, changes in the role of physical store location. If the 1 era of the store’s function is to promote the single, then, the mobile social networking era is to assume more responsibility to provide a channel for the customer experience. At this point, the music at the forefront through the experience to create music as ecology circle ", to provide consumers with a" sit easy to go home, drink wine, eat crab, watching the super TV "show scenes of life, to help consumers multidimensional experience its products and services.

move to sell: the first complete WeChat store electricity supplier solutions

has helped thousands of successful transformation of traditional business enterprise, WeChat first ISV smooth shift information attached to its rich service experience in retail industry and in-depth analysis, developed the first complete WeChat stores business solutions – Chang sell shift system. Now focus on retail industry, help the traditional retail enterprises to actively participate in and quickly embrace the Internet, to provide "service number based on WeChat + enterprise" double linkage store marketing plan.


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