The first network Alibaba Group Chairman Ma speech.

today is May 17, 2009, is the first net is handed in second days, I also visited the venue, can be used to describe the huge crowds of people.

to help small and medium enterprises, for stimulating employment, the first domestic network business fair this year May 16-17, held at the Liuhua Hotel.


fair is the largest e-commerce Alibaba "carrier" group’s integration of B2B and Taobao, two subsidiaries of resources, for the first time in the form of Trade Fair for small and medium-sized enterprises to build business bridge, help them to open up the domestic market, at the same time, the fair will also help a large number of Taobao’s network business develop brand-new delivery channels, create employment opportunities.


half an hour ago

figure Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma speech.

is the following speech:

Ma Yun: I’m here, thank you!

thank you for coming to today’s Fair of first network business, I want to know how many today is Taobao users, thank you


how many Alibaba B2B users, please raise your hand, thank you!

please sit down!

at the weekend, so many people come to the fair network, in fact, my heart is still very moved, especially to the meeting yesterday I saw the other transaction will rarely see the phenomenon, a mother with a child, also saw a family of three, also saw a lot of older people, more than and 60 years old pulled the package at the fair, I want to go back, what kind of power will these people together, what attracted us, I think it is the hope and confidence, with everyone inside the canvas bag of confidence and hope, I think so.

I in 1993 1992, with an entrepreneurial idea, in order to try to start feeling, I have been to Yiwu small commodity market pulled the package purchase, I also went to Guangzhou Haizhu square in Haizhu at the time of purchase, the square is quite a mess, C will not get in, but every time to purchase, my heart is full of hope and I feel confident that we will change to participate in such activities, I think the net goods trade will open even though is not very formal, is not very good, but our popularity to it all, I feel proud and happy, here are 80s and 90s together, you in changing the world and the future.

Alibaba this year is the ten anniversary, ten years to prove one thing in Chinese, is the Internet in Chinese there is hope, the Internet will improve the Chinese, promote the development of Chinese, we believe the electronic commerce, electronic commerce will develop in China.

ten years, I was a lot of people in China believe that China is the biggest flicker, I say anything is flicker, I would like to think again today!

has been cheating since ten years

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