My website history

contact network time is still early, probably went online in 2000, (think should later), after graduating from college has been from the construction site work, also is the site, but it didn’t matter much and this is what.

really understand the site from talking about 05 years, exposed to the website in a inadvertently, then I realized that a web site can make money, think of yourself then help others to do the site already has a couple of years, it is a bit sad, don’t treat me well, know after after sleep I always.

then began a real trip. Most sites began to contact the station at the time of beauty, beauty was good money, uplink SMS registration is still relatively high, the day also has a one hundred or two hundred yuan, it feels really comfortable ah


05 years for half a year like this, also earned some money, let me feel completely standing by doing more than the work can earn money, so have quit the idea of working. About 06 years in March, I quit my job, began his real life Wangzhuan.

is a good start! When the main source of income is derived from the beauty station SMS registration, is also used to buy virtual host. Later, feel the virtual host management is not convenient, simply rent a server. But before long, the good times don’t last long, began the crackdown, SMS registration plummeted, the site also no income finally, changed back to the server, use the virtual host, to about half a year, and finally to the end of the end, all websites are closed, ready to work from. (think now, that time is not only what is not much, they spent on the site at the time of learning time is not enough. But he is not a man who has perseverance, so doomed to can not afford to engage in the site.)

07 years, under the urging of his family, with his girlfriend (now wife) came to Dongguan, began his working career. South is accustomed to the life of freedom, a by restriction, really not used to, fortunately the company not what too many things to do (although not the high salary, but can support himself), there is time, calm down to learn to do station, I have been unwilling to take his own Wangzhuan career, I believe he can bring me more wealth than work. During this time, your side learning, write their own side the blog, the blog as their practice base, slowly, he also learned nothing.

in 07 years around May, from a relative mouth that this mechanism charcoal industry said, ready to do a factory, I am interested in it, but also spent a lot of time to pay attention to the information about the mechanism of charcoal, also has a specific mechanism charcoal website: Chinese charcoal net (, was also didn’t want to make this website will do very well, but his usually learn used on this website, slowly, website traffic came from the beginning.

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