Discussion on the independent B2C e-commerce in China


in an article once more so few words "in 2012, domestic independent B2C e-commerce people in mind can keep goldfish", "now the domestic independent B2C e-commerce to do independent electricity supplier, is opened a" store ", we have to drive yourself to the customer we received the store, the customer will not come here, might well not consumption".

these words are not without reason, look at the domestic e-commerce market, the domestic B2C e-commerce pattern is Taobao occupy the big wall, gathered most of the sellers and buyers. Taobao is equivalent to the bustling market, independent B2C e-commerce is equivalent to "store"; at the same time, the independent B2C e-commerce enterprises want to get more traffic, we can not say that there is no channel, just now in the drainage above requires the cost of capital is also growing, independent B2C e-commerce enterprise input-output continue to survive than being squeezed, not easy, not to mention a good development.

in summary, independent B2C e-commerce is now facing great pressure, the situation is not optimistic. This can not help but let me sigh independent B2C e-commerce road where, how to make yourself in the B2C wave which is not submerged.

in my opinion, independent B2C e-commerce development, the following steps:

, a brand marketing as the backbone of

today, e-commerce site money promotion has been very good to do, where the customer is a living example. The channels of marketing work of optimization and good and meticulous, from the overall situation of market control, can bring the effect of declining. In this regard, the domestic independent B2C e-commerce site must be more rational. We need to turn the traditional "advertising channel marketing" into "brand concept marketing".

is the corporate brand value would have been accumulated, obtained by brand marketing for our users will more trust and brand marketing expenses is not long-term investment, is a hard work early, late harvest. This allows us to gradually reduce dependence on PPC, such as pay marketing, so as to protect themselves in the electricity supplier environment which will not change with the market volatility.

two, put strategic marketing at a higher level

because of the independent B2C e-commerce competition is more and more big, the popular marketing way will be to learn from each other, so the pure mass marketing is certainly not supported in the domestic electric business based. We in the development of marketing planning, the need for more innovation, to have their own business marketing strategy.

and the marketing strategy can not stop, we go through for mining, continuous changes in the market keen to try, so can we walk on the tip of the wave, than our competitors.


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