Baby milk greet earthquake thousands of brands or disappear

[editor’s note] infant milk powder is currently the mother and child electricity supplier and the line of maternal and child retail channels in the fire of the drainage products, but also the need for strong security special food. Now the domestic food and Drug Administration approved the milk powder brand up to more than 2 thousand, foreign brands of more than and 400.


billion state power network has learned, infant milk powder brand recently to big stalls.

a milk industry veteran revealed to billion state power network, the food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the food and Drug Administration) new policy is brewing a controlled infant formula audit, is currently in the stage of investigation and inquiry the views of all parties. If successful, the new policy will be launched in October this year.

the new policy if it can successfully promulgated the infant formula industry will set off a big reshuffle. This is the country to promote the milk industry mergers and acquisitions, a more large-scale production and operation means." The above said.

what policies can have so much power? And even affect the development of the whole China baby milk brand new policy? This is brewing in the state power grid has carried on the careful understanding.

each plant up to 5 formulations of


food and drug administration to strengthen the control of infant formula from last year has been a clear signal and action. Food and Drug Administration on the domestic milk powder processing plant was re examined, with infant milk powder production license from 120 to the factory down to more than and 80. That is, only more than and 80 factories in the country to register the baby milk powder brands, and production.

is also brewing in the new policy is also aimed at the domestic milk powder brands and production plants, did not limit the more than and 400 foreign brands.

senior official to disclose billion state power network, the new policy will limit the number of baby milk formula by more than and 80 factories owned by the way to control the number of brands of milk powder. "In accordance with the provisions of China’s Quality Supervision Bureau, a formula of infant formula can only correspond to a brand, different brands can not use the same formula."

"from the information now available, the food and drug administration is likely to require the maximum number of 5 infant formula per plant through the audit, or even less." The above introduction.

milk powder industry has pointed out that in the United States there are only 3 infant formula brands, in fact, there will not be a lot of formula infant formula, because the baby’s nutrition on these. And now China’s 2000 infant milk powder brand corresponds to the formula, in fact, a lot of the difference between the formula is very small, which greatly increases the difficulty of production and product quality control of the.

overseas imports or into a manufacturer

if the food and Drug Administration officially issued the new policy, the National more than and 80 infant formula milk powder processing plant will have substantially reduced the number of infant milk powder brand has officially registered qualification also decreased.


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