2010 e-commerce transactions exceeded 4 trillion yuan

in recent years, the domestic e-commerce industry good momentum of sustained growth, the government is fully aware of the importance of e-commerce in the future in the development of the economy, by the State Ministry of the lead, the NDRC and other nine ministries jointly developed the "electronic commerce" 12th Five-Year "plan" (Draft), in the electronic commerce during the period of 12th Five-Year will be included in the strategic emerging industry. Local governments have stepped up efforts to support e-commerce.

The development of

e-commerce in China in 2010 according to the Ministry of commerce is expected to continue to stride forward singing militant songs, 2010, annual e-commerce transactions will exceed 4 trillion yuan, especially in terms of online shopping, the first three quarters of this year online shopping market transactions reached 350 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year more than doubled, according to the Academy of Social Sciences published "business blue book" is expected in 2010, the network shopping annual transaction volume will reach 500 billion yuan, the annual total retail sales of social commodities can reach 3%.

e-commerce sites increased by

According to

analysis, CNZZ data center in 2010, the number of e-commerce sites continue to grow, the number of industry websites in December amounted to 1.86, compared with an increase of 16.13% and 2008 at the beginning of the year, though, and in 2009 compared to a certain decline, but the background of a slow decrease in the number of domestic whole website, still show vitality.

2010, e-commerce industry also has a considerable number of visitors increased significantly, the number of Internet users visited e-commerce sites in December up to 350 million, the total number of 87.22%, the number of visitors throughout the industry grew by 36.51%, exceeding the annual growth rate of the number of Internet users in the country.

in the e-commerce industry visitors, the number of visitors to buy the number of visitors in 2010 the growth rate reached 20.15%, is the fastest growing year in nearly three years. The peak of the year in September, reaching 16 million 320 thousand, the highest point in the new history.

B2C industry website develops rapidly

B2C website as one of the most important network shopping is the first type of website, in 2010 an average of 62.54% e-commerce sites is B2C.

2010, B2C growth in the number of sites from the beginning of 10 thousand and 100 to December of 11 thousand and 800, the growth rate reached 20.45%, more than the entire e-commerce industry growth rate, and the same changes in the industry, B2C industry, the number of stations in the growth rate has declined year by year. E-commerce sites throughout the year 80% of the new sites belong to B2C. Although the number of sites of B2C is very high, but the number of people visit the active site is not high, in December, a daily average of only 1420 B2C sites by Internet users browse, active sites of the annual B2C growth rate of 3.68%, far lower than the growth in the number of stations.

The economic crisis of

in 2009 caused a lot of problems for many export-oriented enterprises

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