Do personal webmaster 2 years realized how to earn 200

see a lot of good articles recently in the Admin5 station network, extending from the site to now, has been a full 2 years, today is also something of my own experience in 2 years the site to share with you, hope to master the exhibitions.

When I was reading the

2008 fourth, after the Spring Festival to return to school at that time many students have been busy internships contact, I am busy looking for internships, but for a few are not satisfied, then simply do not bother to look for, nothing to do when you chat online, play games once, in a search for the name of the game is to see Admin5 webmasters unintentionally, then know the term "webmaster", see many webmaster through the website a month can earn thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, and my classmates in the unit a month is 1000 dollars, the highest is only 3000 dollars for my heart. So desperately look at some of the site’s technical tutorials.

A5 just launched a new web application training in April, I would not hesitate to sign up, with the teacher learning system A5 hadron site process (here to thank the selfless help of hadrons). The time to ask the teacher what kind of hadron hadron site can make money, the teacher told us: the current profit website: QQ several main types of non mainstream entertainment website two local vertical industry portal three e-commerce websites four entertainment video websites are also very hot. I think twice, decided to do a video site, because I usually like to see some video clips, but the hadron teacher told me that the video site has copyright issues, it is best not to do, but also very depressed. There is no doubt that a friend told me that popcorn network content alliance is good, you can try.

the popcorn ( Content Alliance know do not need to register the domain name, also do not need to buy space, only need to bind a popcorn web address can have 1 video sites, if your domain can also do analysis. Content will be updated automatically, and the site’s advertising and advertising revenue are my own. So what I need to do is how to promote it.

how to do the promotion? For any website experience I feel so hard, so that Baidu search "video website promotion", "how to promote the" small movie site, through observation and analysis, Baidu know, Search ask replies and QQ promotion the most effective way. In case such as Search ask someone asks "what a funny movie in 2010?" "who knows what good is a funny movie?" introduce several more funny movies, then attach your own website, as long as not too, soso is allowed to take a hyperlink, good luck, one day 10 thousand IP there is no problem. The use of Baidu Post Bar promotion also has certain skills, Baidu post bar is generally not allowed to directly with the chain, but can give Baidu space to do hyperlinks, >

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