After the tax reform, Tmall and NetEase said the koala bonded warehouse still has the advantage


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inventory and cross-border electricity major event last week, have to mention three things: first, the interpretation of cross-border electricity tax reform has become clear; second, Ali in 2016 commercial ecosystem services summit, Tmall International announced plans to expand the proportion of self-employed; third, Premier Li Keqiang’s government work report on NPC and CPPCC, did not make cross-border imports too more policy support. The three thing is to cut off?. When the three things together, the conclusion is: the national management of cross-border imports will become increasingly standardized, so the cross-border electricity price dividend will be weakened, but the giants are still optimistic about the development of cross-border electricity especially bonded warehousing advantage.

why there is such a judgment, in fact, this is the business and consumer psychological game and Matthew effect of the dual role of the results.

first cross-border tax reform. The effect of the tax reform in April 8th cross-border electricity for consumers is undoubtedly the largest of most goods parcel tax cancellation, although some commodities such as light luxury goods and more than 100 yuan of cosmetics will reduce the tax burden, but for cross-border commodities in the largest volume of maternal and infant food and cosmetics is undoubtedly in the high cost of tax upgrade. Therefore, how to ensure the quality of consumer experience, especially in how to reduce the price advantage, through better logistics experience will consumers stay in cross-border electricity rather than imported duty-free shops and supermarkets, this is all subject to cross-border electricity supplier. Previously, due to the scarcity of the bonded warehouse area, resulting in a lot of cross-border electricity providers to accelerate the expansion of overseas direct proportion, this is likely to slow down, the industry is committed to the forefront of the cross-border electricity supplier who will undoubtedly return to the storage area for the bonded area. According to the latest news, NetEase koala sea purchase and expand bonded warehousing area in Hangzhou, Ningbo and Zhengzhou, and begin to take the expansion in Tianjin, undoubtedly shows the fastest development of cross-border electricity supplier in the 2015 industry ability and ambition.

(influence of cross-border electricity tax changes up to billion state power different category of goods)

look at the giant, Tmall announced that it would expand the proportion of self for cross-border electricity supplier industry is undoubtedly shocking. In the traditional sense, Tmall is more inclined to do a platform to help the brand to realize their value, and any proprietary moves are likely to influence the impression, because the brand will worry about the cooperation between the two sides will have more choices because Tmall has greater bargaining power. Why Tmall to make this choice? Industry speculation also lies in the user experience, past Tmall international long-term overseas direct mail shipments, domestic free trade zone is less serious, and even appeared in the Hangzhou Free Trade Zone shipments NetEase koala sea purchase long-term several times in the Tmall phenomenon. With the weakening of bonded import price dividend, Tmall must find new brand advantage for themselves, thus expanding the proportion of self-employed, to enhance the user experience of logistics has become the best choice. Corroboration of this

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