Dunhuang network the product was sold by the seller will not be modified

news August 25th, learned billion state power network, Dunhuang network since September 5, 2016, will be canceled for permission to modify the infringing products seller.

at that time, such as product audit did not pass and labeled as infringing goods, the seller will not be able to edit the product modification, only the product can be brought to the complaint or delete. Dunhuang network, said the move is mainly to protect the interests of owners of intellectual property rights, and provide platform product quality.

actually, billion state power network has learned, this is not the only one in Dunhuang this year for the new rules issued by the infringing products. In July this year, Dunhuang opened for the foreign trademark cybersquatting malicious acts issued a notice to regulate trademark infringement complaint with the seller, to the provisions of intellectual property use specification.

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