You can grasp the modern e-commerce

Internet era has arrived, and is getting more and more fierce, the website will be an annual growth of the domestic know about, either personal or traditional businesses are looking to the Internet thinking in this super large platform share, a favorite cake. Although the introduction of the ZF need to take pictures and some of the owners have little impact on the policy, but the starting point is the importance of network security, is the support of the internet. Local ZF also developed specific measures to guide the promotion of the development of the Internet, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other places are particularly prominent.

e-commerce is bound to be the trend of the times, then I want to say is that there are a number of owners, how many companies are in the true sense of e-commerce?

I put people to the electronic commerce Master degree can be divided into three classes: one, only interested in e-commerce, because they see the potential of the Internet giant, but do not know how to operate, do not even know how to build the site; two, have a deep understanding of e-commerce. Can play the role of good webmaster, can do website optimization, but only limited to this, the real e-commerce operation is not very good grasp; three, the real master of electronic commerce, integrated company, personal resources such as the operation of the entire operational plan of e-commerce project.

the current domestic individual owners accounted for more than 90%, and these people are basically in the second class, third class in real people (Group) less and less, but they basically dominated the platform. Look at the enterprise, in the traditional business enterprise has turned to the Internet to operate e-commerce projects are basically in the second class, most of the enterprises in the field of e-commerce investment and return is not proportional to.

this is the era of resource integration, individual combat get tired is also very difficult to achieve good results, we want to move to the third class, or a combination, or from the real control of electronic commerce.

in the early Taobao but there are a lot of upstart, at that time, they can only rely on the individual to grasp the Taobao project. It is the characteristics of the times, and now look at Taobao, many sellers are unusually fierce in competition, Taobao itself even began to make strategic adjustments, the good environment gone for ever, we must face up to now, the future of


webmaster, adjust the idea of it, with the strength of the group’s efforts to move forward the third class, the maximum value of their own to achieve!

interested in e-commerce to want to make friends in this field, quickly see the goal, adjust the direction, so as to realize their dreams at an early date!!

last couple loaded site wish you an early fortune!!

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