The seller must know cross-border electricity supplier warehouses in Zhengzhou Comprehensive Experim

days ago, Henan bonded Group CEO Xu Ping in an internal training session for the first time disclosed to the Inland Chinese (Zhengzhou) International Electronic Commerce comprehensive test area operation "syllogism". She put the cross-border e-commerce overall is divided into three stages: the international section, area operation section, terminal operation, expounded the key link of each stage and associated logic, on how to minimize the disadvantages, inland docking of supply side, good integration of resources, embodies the core competitiveness and so on from the reality provides reference solution.

international segment –

she said that the main bottleneck in the international section of international logistics, international logistics is mainly reflected in the air and sea.

from the air, the current Zhengzhou route density is not enough, the whole is still part of the logistics stage, and Shanghai and other places of point logistics compared with obvious disadvantages. Can be optimized from two aspects: one is to set up a number of freight assembly points in foreign countries, thus weakening and "point logistics" comparative disadvantage, Henan bonded group subsidiary EHL is to undertake the task of the operation of the main; two is mining Zhengzhou airport freight transportation advantages, through the season in Zhengzhou is lower than the national average the level of freight price advantage for the off-season is higher than the national average freight price disadvantage, relative advantage to achieve annual estimates of the amplification effect of the season.

from the sea, because Zhengzhou is located in the hinterland, the international section of the absolute disadvantage than the coast. But due to the great difference between the volume and weight of different goods, reflected in the contribution from the harbour to the inland transportation costs are not the same, for example, each package of diapers and coastal compared to more than 0.8 yuan of transportation costs, and each package of cosmetics only a few cents difference. If the currency is calculated, it will reduce the spread of each single package.

zone operation section –

domestic segment mainly operating in the region, but also a potential by the largest space, which is the "1+9" system play a maximum efficiency. It found that the "1+9 system", Henan Free Trade Zone Group cross-border warehouse turnover rate of 500 pack years * square meters, with the warehouse management and intelligent information operators cooperation and intelligent system, will enable the "1+9 system" to release 3~5 times improvement, each package cost reduction 2 yuan, bringing space for businesses to compensate the relative disadvantage of the international segment; at the same time can also be a time shortened by 1.5 days to 2 days, the customer experience is greatly optimized.

terminal operation section –

should maximize the resource integration in the terminal operation section. Henan bonded group construction of China (Zhengzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area gathered a total of three, one, China Post, EMS and other logistics giants, with the conditions and basis of resource integration. The current mode of operation is the region of the carrier will be shipped back to the company after the district two times after sorting distribution. Due to the same logistics and distribution for a number of homogeneous competition, there is no supply can not be concentrated. Henan bonded group