The hook Wangzhuan true colors.

A lot of new

Wangzhuan (we also become rookie who love do) hang up the project. Think of is, in the heart, the hook is a software open, what is not, what also do not need operation, every day to earn a few hundred dollars more than what, really cool! Is this? Buy hang buddy heart should have the answer: the reality of the project. With our mind hanging far worse, that is to say in other words we buy 98% items is not to earn money, and those mostly bluff.

today I will come to you to hang up Wangzhuan really


let’s take a look at how these people are selling some of the junk to others.


everyone in the Taobao search for "Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, hang up," and so on, will find that the following 10 or even more than and 100 of the project to hang up a superb collection of beautiful things, too busy to attend to all. But all of them are guaranteed in the description of how to make the number of days, attracted countless people rushed to panic buying, and hundreds of thousands of pieces of sales, let the seller happy crowed. How they sell it is actually very simple. The first is the brush sales, first a single product to brush a brush, get some money reviews. In Taobao, keywords ranking is related to sales volume, the greater your sales, ranking more forward. And each of us has a habit of thinking that the more items you sell, the more authentic you are. Second sales skills. We see a lot of sales of baby evaluation of almost 100% of praise, and even the pursuit of praise is also good, earn much. In fact, this is the seller’s usual way, is to praise and chase ratings to extract the password, you will not comment all true? And let you add comments, is blocked after you earn money later to evaluate their deadly. So we often see some time is 0 days.


third is a low price, a few dollars a project, and so you feel that has been fooled, because it has been praised, but also can not rights. More people think it is a few dollars to buy as a lesson, so it will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. But you know, because we let more people to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, later joined the ranks of fooled, in fact, as long as careful observation, we know that these so-called onhook project is true, because some friends found to be directly to the "liar" comments.


I do not want to believe a lot of examples, see here, you should know the true face of the hook. In fact, I say, "hang up" really can make money, but money is the seller, which is Taobao sellers, buyers only their money making tool. They put the project on Taobao, just waiting for the sake of cheap, do not want to pay the labor Wangzhuan white obediently put money in the past, they have to send a >