E-mail marketing advertising effect burst social network advertising


Beijing time on July 2nd news, social networking in recent years in a period of rapid development, more and more companies choose to advertise on social networking platform. Then, the effect of advertising on social networks like? Market research firm Custora released the latest report gives the answer: compared with traditional mail advertising, advertising in the Facebook Twitter, the effect is not obvious, and this trend in the short term will not change.

at present, if a brand has failed in Facebook, Twitter and other social media to establish their influence or advertising on these platforms, people will think of the brand does not pay attention to the network marketing, the marketing consultant will always suggest that they entered the social field.

mail marketing effect is obvious

social networking era has arrived, but the online advertising industry has emerged a return to ancient signs. According to market research firm Custora released report shows that new customers online retailers by mail marketing to attract the customers of the total number of 7%, more than four years ago increased more than 4 times, mail advertising profits even more than the advertising revenue directly on the internet.

report pointed out that although Facebook growth for the world’s largest social network platform in the past four years, the number of monthly active users reached 687 million, but it has not become the mainstream advertising channels, by Facebook advertising attracted the number of new customers also failed to appear significant growth. As for Twitter, its advertising effect is even worse.


"organic search" and "cost per click" marketing comparison

Custora analyst, said: from the current market situation, ‘organic search’ is the most popular network marketing model, followed by the ‘click on the cost’ of online advertising marketing."

for the report, over the past two years Custora tracked 86 online retailer and 72 million consumer network usage data, and focus on the consumers click on the source (such as email, Twitter, Google etc.), the amount of consumption, purchase of goods, buy goods channels etc..

According to the

survey results show that under normal circumstances, from the search results page to jump to the retailer’s website consumers, its costs 50% more than ordinary consumers; and from consumer advertising jump over the mail, the expenses than the average cost of 11%. On the contrary, consumers jump from the Facebook, the cost of its spending is only on average; and from the Twitter jump over the consumer, the cost of spending less than the average cost of 23%.


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