140 thousand clothing industry precision WeChat users is how to come

Hello everyone, this is my first time on the Internet from the media, to share with us a small team of real WeChat operating experience. Take this opportunity and hope to know more friends.

today I would like to share with you the case, is our small team (three people) more than two years of real experience in WeChat operations. Before we see the dry cargo sharing, two WeChat account user number:


you see 140 thousand WeChat users, WeChat may be compared to some operation expert (motionless on millions of users) is really not worth mentioning. However, WeChat public account of our users more accurate than they also have more commercial value realized! In two years, we can insist on and let users get more natural growth, with the attitude of never give up, with attention, attention, and attention to precise positioning! So, how do we use two years to do it? Please see details (hint: the length of:


the first act: plan ahead, dare to give up all have their own advantages.


team leading wood, 8 years of experience in the Internet industry, six network (the first NASDAQ listed video website) the first batch of business members, senior UI designer, web design, rich experience in


January 2011 in Beijing, because the working relationship, and do not want to flat-share strangers. The three of us together flat-share Sanshiyiting house, we live together. We usually work under three people occasionally complain every day and the pain will sit on the edge of the road at the heavy traffic, dreamed about in Beijing, a house and a car. Will always talk about the rest of the work, to do something good. But for those of us, we haven’t found what we really want to do. Three of us very tangled and confused.

in June 2011, and we were suddenly Wood said he left (he came out from the six have been two years ago and two years of entrepreneurial colleagues), he will go to school clothing clothing design, he loves fashion design. He gave up his share in the company, gave up all his income, and went to study full-time for a year, only for love, for no other reason!

we were shocked, but soon turned to admire his courage and courage. We are friends, we just need to give him encouragement and support! We told him, we will support you unconditionally, you return to our Internet experience and advantages, together into the clothing industry


September 2011, wood enrolled in Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology (PS: because his entrepreneurial team members recognized for his work ability and the character of the company temporarily can not give him too much in return, the company said, now business is not easy, but his tuition, companies must help him out).

February 1, 2012, we can see http://s.topmen.com>

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