How do we write soft Wen cheat click volume rise!

in the strict sense, this can not be counted as a root SEO soft in the writing, and because SEO is independent, and soft independent, can be counted as a marketing idea, some owners are estimated to have been for a long time, is also the old things. Here is a combination of their own practice to sum up from the details, to give the novice a space for thinking, master please ignore

seo focus is to achieve a certain rate of click through the search engine rankings, and then click rate into the actual income, in this piece of SEO does not pass or too much competition and ranking do not delay, then, my opinion is that it may do something to achieve artificial pure deception click propaganda purposes, of course. If the garbage station rely on advertising for a living, then click trick is also essential for

or separate numbers to sum up more comfortable

The contents of the

1 deception click, can not content, such as "I found a NB XXXXXX website, we go to see it, this link is generally no one point, personally think that there should be some contents, such as" beautiful pictures "and then released one or two pictures, plus a URL, sketch click for more, or the contents of the article published in half, to the rest of the link instead is good, naturally, if you write a good hand soft, it’s good but also the

2 according to local conditions, combined with the first point, in the different sites to be tricked into clicking the article should be different, such as in some entertainment forums, can post "Song Zude and Mao Ning" gay, in some news forum, can post "Sadam son Ben Laden do grandpa" pure earn a gimmick the like, personally think that for now, the entertainment station and Playstation forum or Post Bar is most easily tricked into clicking, why? Harmonious society, people’s living standards are much higher, and this part of the article to see the link on the point. Practice is also true. The best is to send some riddles or funny things, indicate the answer in the XXX (link to your link), according to my observation, do you have a delete this post. (except the host) and Post Bar post top stick are relatively easy, local site in Post Bar do publicity is the easiest way to

According to

3 viral marketing spread, but it seems that this method is very out of date, the earliest foreign websites do, similar to the "recommended friends registered xxxxx can receive XXXX, the following is a send form", this is the earliest spread of viral marketing, our e-commerce textbook to teach, but later at home and abroad all change, has made the QQ tail of the real virus, a sweat, but some forums have similar, such as "copy" the link "will this link sent to friends" etc.. This also belongs to the spread of viral marketing, if you have good content, you can try, every webmaster will not feel himself more traffic, even if one or two ip

4 resources, the resources here, refers to your social circle, your interpersonal communication >

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