Why do entrepreneurs have to get the speech skills Because stories can conquer the world

Abstract: the era of change too fast, and too forgetful, especially the founder of the company, every time the density is large, so to do a good job in speech is the first one to write a diary, even written is a running account, but after finishing, will dig out enough material can tell a story.

whether the leaders of a country, or the same enterprise founder, CEO.

for example, the president of the United States behind there has a special "presidential speechwriter" role, their excellent ability, and has been unknown to the public. Especially in the design of CEO, Duorui Si speech story chief officer Qi Zeming seems, almost all the well-known writer is president, understand the master — they are not just the president’s words simply copied into a manuscript, but need to assist the president to complex abstract political concepts into plain language, let the public can understand and comprehend.

look at the venture capital industry, small financing roadshow, social speech, more and more occasions to product launches, scene speakers and other occasions need enterprise founder, institutional investors, public speaking speeches, they are also very willing to create their own personal image.

behind them, also need similar "President" speech writer "consultant" for its staff and provide training, Qi Zeming saw such a demand, set up the design thinking of the story of the main speech thinking more sharp speech designers, and this occupation is called "speech designer", the purpose is to have the public expression of entrepreneur founder, demand, provide a series of services from Design ppt to speech content, stage effect.

simply, the speech designer is responsible for helping clients create a variety of speech content, so that customers speak more fun and effective." Qi Zeming said.

to conquer the people may be a little story is enough

speech can be divided into four levels:

1, change the audience’s speech information, such as the class lectures, etc..

2, the ability to change the audience’s speech, such as vocational training, etc..

3, to change the behavior of the audience speech, such as product launches

4, a speech to change the audience’s beliefs, such as college graduation speech.

layman to watch, experts see road. Qi said that only change the audience’s beliefs, in order to better change the audience’s information, ability and behavior, etc..

for entrepreneurs, can put their entrepreneurial story well is very rare, what kind of speech can conform to no conventional pattern can reflect the high force


Qi Zeming from the United States Mission Network founder and CEO Wang Xing in 2012, the United States Mission Network two annual meeting of the speech began, it was also the industry to buy a tragic battle of thousands of key points.

at that time Wang Xing told a story about a 1911

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