Reflections on the inducement of sharing behavior by WeChat’s official opposition to public numbers

today has just entered the A5 station network, saw a prominent position in the emergence of a "WeChat official announcement: the number of public opposition to induce sharing behavior into article, after reading, found inside the content that is the official WeChat to promote their WeChat this platform to maintain a healthy and green ecological environment and resolutely combat all in violation of the" WeChat public platform service agreement "content and behavior, including: sharing, forced to share to my circle of friends can view such behavior through rewards to entice users.

I think WeChat is doing very good, after all, for some businesses, using a variety of marketing tools to allow users to share in the circle of friends inside, causing a strong propaganda effect, a variety of services but did not realize the publicity promised, to a pure market behavior, damage the inside of the circle of friends that pure small, private space environment. To combat such marketing practices is indeed a laudable behavior, but I was not in favor of the official WeChat hit all the WeChat marketing means, or to say, I think WeChat marketing should become more soft from the hard way.

a, WeChat circle of friends is what?

In fact, the WeChat

software in the eyes, has become the former alternative to QQ, use QQ as a more than and 10 users, the author is very grateful to have such a QQ software, let the original interpersonal communication can be a variety of channels, a variety of ways to achieve communication.

now has been very popular in mobile phone communication era, although the QQ function is still very strong, but in the field of mobile phone by WeChat on share trend is inevitable, even we can often see some old people are willing to use WeChat, this is because in their hearts, WeChat can enter text, and can input speech simply, you can use, so in effect the spread of word-of-mouth, WeChat’s growth is to describe the explosive.

when WeChat has such a large user groups, it will become a platform for propaganda merchants get in by every opening mind, so WeChat marketing came into being, the circle of friends, all kinds of promotional marketing means emerge in an endless stream. Yes, we can do from here Amoy to the many good stuff, but with more and more businesses, changes in marketing practices varied, circle of friends of the originally relatively pure small, private circle has changed, many people are released in the circle of friends inside things are very conspicuous advertising, in a WeChat the author’s account, as long as the sign up after the click on the circle of friends, often can be found inside a lot of advertising to reprint or point of praise to the sharing and so on, this account like garbage treatment, left no matter.


actually is a circle of friends? This question everybody should be very clear, a small circle of friends circle is their own, for example the author has involved several fields (work, circle of friends and relatives), occasionally contact between these circles, but most of the time.

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