2008 network marketing entry

30 concepts: network marketing network promotion email marketing email software "bulk mail Email mass mailing online mailing address database mail mail address library SMS marketing message QQ group MSN group forum mass blog search marketing, search engine optimization SEO PPC GOOGLE ADWORDS Baidu for banner ads text link advertising website alliance advertising Chinese. Marketing Marketing Marketing marketing blog forum online mode

this article is suitable for the reader object: do not know the network and hope to promote the products on the network of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, new website webmaster.

network marketing content of many, the study and practice of not long time it is difficult to speak of the master, but not everyone has so much time and energy to study, have what method can quickly get started, the so-called quick answer is there?. I have been engaged in the network for several years, I always feel a lot of network marketing articles or books too theoretical, and not simple, can not let people quickly understand the essence of. So I had to write a introduction to network marketing idea, all the text easy to understand, hope can make the network marketing the new reading in 20 minutes, quickly understand the main contents, and begin to network marketing practice.

is also called network marketing, network promotion, including email marketing, SMS marketing, search marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, etc. more than ten kinds of means, these means are divided into 5 classes, 30 concepts (highlights in bold about), and combined with the practical experience of the author, from the practical to explain angle.

a, e-mail marketing

email marketing can be said to be the oldest marketing mode, enter mail marketing or mailing in Baidu, you can get thousands of results, the degree of active imagination, this shows that email marketing is still a powerful means of network marketing. There is supply means inevitable demand, each of us every day will receive a few emails, all the Chinese every day there will be hundreds of millions of letters, why so many people send? Is not because it is effective, who will not do anything invalid. Its efficiency comes from the low cost, you may say that many people do not see spam, but always someone will see it, just like fishing in the sea, if your network is large enough, can the sea cover, as long as your network cost is low enough, when the net to get a fish is the value, but also more than one, but hundreds, even thousands of.

mail marketing (e-mail group, Email group) requires two conditions: e-mail group software and e-mail address Library (mailing address library).

mass mailing software, as its name implies, you can send bulk mail. Now the Internet of this kind of software is like a tiger, innumerable billion, ghost, online cracked version more. But all the mass software have a common problem, is the use of more complex, need to compare >

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