Why do you spend a lot of money to spend not to please, let alone you know social marketing!

in the era of Internet interaction, each person is not a simple individual, to trigger explosive marketing in the social environment to achieve. Every successful marketing case tipping is not accidental, user insight, content planning, an occasion to promote everything is a subtle plan.

ask guest: Wang, who is art dragon new media 20 million fans behind the scenes manipulator, Sina micro-blog, micro-blog Tencent annual award content. Now the establishment of the company, you are talking about the service in the spread of a number of Internet brands, many times to create a million PV class H5 case.


don’t say you understand social marketing!

a topic to explain

Q1: what is the correct procedure and order to achieve brand marketing?

1 first to solve know, remember, like your problem

this is a very long process, I am doing elong micro-blog know, remember, love in solving the process spent more than 1 years, we did not push any previous ads, but trying to do users love the content, let everyone know elong and remember our content, love. So when the user to find topics for conversation, you should know what you offer is not scarce, let him get to turn out, that is to say, remember, love is to know your potential users into a user process. So when you have a certain amount of users to solve the first step.

2 to do share, word of mouth, spread

is going through your long-term operation marketing to users, allowing users to become your loyal fans, he is to be regularly to your site, if you make good things to share he felt sorry for you.

3 the last brand, traffic, trading on the natural

so when some customers to speak to me, I am a new brand, how to do this thing, we are the first to tell him how you let users know you, and by your marketing to remember you, then what is the specific executive level.

Q2: what are the ways of social marketing? What are the characteristics and advantages of these approaches? And what kind of people are suitable for


1 poster

we plan an event or spread a product, basically do posters. The spread of posters are relatively poor, because you do not have very much a group of users to map these one by one to survive, to help you through the circle of friends. The poster advertising attribute is very strong, will see the brand logo, many brands of advertising language, about the brand, but its natural propagation is relatively weak, so the poster is to solve the basis of cognition.

2 long graph


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