Write column planning book is the key to the success of the B2B industry website


site is composed by columns, each column partition is a process of website user demand is subdivided, make each section of the site planning, general planning on the success of the 80%, they must be in the program planning efforts. In the planning work done most is a column plan based on a column of two columns and three columns, the content page, list page, page navigation to become a complete system, we need to modify a page, more is to belong to the columns from this page consider, including the section of the operation of the promotion, is self-contained. Many people in the web site planning, is concerned with establishing the business model of the whole station, program planning details do not pay enough attention. As a successful product manager of the B2B industry website, be sure to grasp the process and methods of column planning. Sometimes there are two or three columns to plan a successful operation, it will make the entire site to be successful, especially in the early days of the establishment of the site.

this paper is mainly about a program planning book should include those contents (author Li Xuejiang at the end of 2008 had written a similar article, this paper is on the basis of all re written), many B2B industry website planners do not write the plan book directly, began to draw the layout of the page, the design section of the function, and then to the technical department, this is often the result of thinking is not clear enough, many things not serious static under heart to come to understand, the formation of documents, resulting in later revised. For the B2B industry site planning is not enough skilled planners, especially to program planning and good writing. In the process of writing, is a serious thinking and reasoning process, to capture the moment of inspiration, recorded for the planner themselves, the company leadership, technical manager, web designers, programmers can open the document details the program at any time, a general understanding of this program, a clear positioning and understand the importance of direction column, confirm this much energy to research and construction. Here is a brief description of the B2B industry site column planning book should include those content.

1 column introduction, positioning, background, importance analysis

with more than 500 words, write a brief introduction of the column, including the column to provide those services, the main services to those people, the contents of the user contribution or edit input, or both, and so on. Why should we build this column is mainly to improve the income of the site, or to meet the needs of the core user, enhance the user’s stickiness. This column in what position in the entire B2B industry website, is in front of the navigation bar or in the middle, auxiliary column or core column, this column in the strategic layout of the whole website status. What is the future development direction of this column? What is the goal of the future? What is the best way to achieve the result?.

2 column includes user groups and the main needs analysis

a B2B industry Web site, the reason for the division of different columns, is to meet a

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