UNQLO video hype, you still have the integrity to seed

circle of friends was completely maxed out UNIQLO video, video capture almost all of the city’s. If so far, you have not seen or heard of UNIQLO’s video, there may be two, 1, you are the alien from 2, you are an old antique. Do not believe, take a look at Baidu.

today’s search index is 6733745, the search amount of about six million. In the news, the police found no suspense UNIQLO incident "in the first row, and the second place behind.

When the

Carnival in WeChat micro-blog in the majority of Internet users, when the hand piece is sensitive to seize every opportunity to make an impact, the police uncle who enter the. Beijing police official micro-blog @ Ping Beijing news release, "has received reports of users, said the spread of the Internet" Chaoyang District a clothing store dressing room indecent video ". Chaoyang police attach great importance to this, has been involved in the investigation." A Beijing police official said that the investigation of public security organs, will first determine the source video out, and identify whether the form of pornographic videos. If the publisher is the person I will according to the relevant provisions of China’s "criminal law" in the case of dissemination of pornographic material, investigate the legal responsibility of the parties in accordance with the law, if I did not know, by other users in the network, will be investigated for legal responsibility of the first release of the video users.

the matter has evolved into a serious legal issue from the mass carnival. The video transmission manufacturing people are likely to be punished by law, this large-scale crackdown spread widely in the video on the network since 2014 has posed a threat. Strictly speaking, each participating UNIQLO net are video forwarding the presence of illegal. Popularity is a lot of users the biggest rely, ironically, just when the police involved in the investigation of the network on a large number of "seed" video search and UNIQLO post pumianerlai. You have seen the video of the users is naturally cool, not to see one after another, in curiosity and lust and drives the ride mentality, the search results reached about 500000.

from a variety of signs, this is a real hype. Such speculation seems a bit too far, but behind the scenes manipulator appears to have been ready to deal with the legal risks. Some analysts pointed out that this video may be taken three months ago, as to why the time to shoot, it is said that, because the mall’s video monitor will clean up a data in three months. In other words, in addition to the video broke the news, the police may find it difficult to find other evidence. The biggest event of the beneficiary, UNIQLO is what attitude should sleep can wake up laughing. NO, I did not laugh, but crying: "I was innocent, I hope you can with the maintenance of social justice," and I said, that is called a zhengyilinran.

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