We analyzed 100 thousand + found that you love to pick up trash

article source: Jingwei venture capital (martrixpartnerschina)

we have collected a number of 100000+ articles, articles on the topic of garbage collection is very popular and respected by everyone. For example:

the British picked up trash for 22 years in the Great Wall, married a Chinese girl fire all over the BBC……

90 after the beauty of the garbage free life so many people shouting good metamorphosis;

Dali 90 men and women, pick up garbage for a living, by drawing… The results of a brush circle of friends


in order to get rid of the global garbage, he invented a spoon to eat;

he dropped out of school to spend 10 years to clean up half of the Pacific Ocean, earn $3 billion 200 million;

a group of 65+ old man, adhere to 13 years of zero waste, each year into ten million;

the sea was so dirty that the two Australians made a "dump" fire all over the world……

careful recall, in life, garbage is not a favorite word, and when you encounter the general attitude of garbage is to avoid the fear. Few people have their own ideals as "cleaner" in primary school composition, many parents and children are still China education with the sentence "see no, not Study hard to grow up to sweep the streets ahead of time," don’t detonate topic "Beijing" in the third novel folding space that is not comfortable impression.



in social media, people are so popular on the relevant article, popular degree can be divided into specific reading point like, comment, forward this text into several levels, and illustrated the topic seemed off their ugly appearance and pungent odor, more pleasing and even moving. So why is this


gap between ideal and reality

That limitation of

theory in environmental psychology, people want to do is usually in the environment of information restriction or interference, when people feel their inability to break the shackles of reality, free will resort to the spirit, namely the imagination and lyricism of another life form of fantasy and longing.

if we put aside the "garbage" this gimmick, to read the content of each article carefully, we can easily find that they are not just a story of ordinary people unknown to the public picked up a life garbage. On the contrary, most of these stories contain dreams, faith, innovation, and so on the positive energy of the kernel, their hero to the heart stick against the rise of normal social universal cognitive channel, with another kind of attitude is a success, this is a lot of people are not very eager to achieve the vision.


young age, each of us imagined his future, but only a few lucky

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