Do Baidu know a few experience sharing

Baidu’s products are believed to be the webmaster who are familiar with the promotion platform, almost all of the Baidu products will have a very good promotion effect. Especially Baidu know, marketing effect is very significant, but also many people want to do a Baidu marketing storm, SEO in 3 years, I found a lot of friends do promotion and ignore some very problems, the following is the experience of knowing yourself.

Baidu know is one of the most commonly used method of promotion, promotion of products according to their own information to ask questions, note that if the question is some preferential information, the frequency is not too big, Baidu is very strict on its own product audit, if you send a lot of information in common in a period of time it is easy to be Baidu, Baidu was found in the suspect, will have a period of time after you no longer show, this is my personal experience. If you are using a IP answer, can easily be found in Baidu, if there is a report by the title, it is The loss outweighs the gain.. Then the promotion effect may not be ideal. And because most people love Baidu know to do promotion, advertising more and more information, the Baidu Inc audit also more stringent, with the advertisement color articles cannot be uploaded! And if you are always the first time to adopt their own answers, so others won’t answer your question! It is bound to affect you the popularity of


doesn’t need to consider so much, promotion is not a panacea, also can help the third party platform to operate, this is the conclusion I defeated. "Bo Yang Baidu know software is full automatic at Baidu Shanghai Automation Technology Co. company independent research and development, comments, know the answer, ask the same question, and he adopted (Development) software, belongs to a kind of promotion way Bo Yang automation of marketing management platform http: under // The software is through the mutual aid principle, through online real IP Baidu know the hook member account, complete the Baidu know the answer, ask, with comments, questions, he adopted (in development), this will avoid discussing the problems brought about by the. This is the best software I’ve ever found!

do network marketing, is to promote their own information as much as possible in the front end of the search results, so you want to do a good job marketing must understand the search habits of Internet users. The way we ask must comply with the usual, standing in the perspective of Internet search, so write quiz is a door knowledge! Bo Yang software Baidu know there is a benefit, that can help you tailor quiz language, language, comments are no problem, this is what I love more than a bit of this software


everyday we will ask a question will be accustomed to the " Baidu " this is one of its biggest features. A lot of search results Baidu know the information platform will be in front of the first few, as long as

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