Long tail keywords combined with search engine marketing to do product overseas promotion

is a kind of long tail keywords new words based on the long tail theory, born in the search engine as the main tool of the Internet age. A statistical theory of long tail is also born in the network era, the total sales of consumer businesses simply attach great importance to VIP customers may not be enough for the cumulative consumption of ordinary consumers, good service consumers can often allow businesses to get double the turnover. A more detailed version of the long tail theory and the interpretation of the long tail keywords to see Baidu encyclopedia, the following long tail keywords for some extensions.

back in the past ten years, with the Google to lead a new generation of search engines, most users, both domestic and abroad are accustomed to the Internet began to search from the. Like to order a ticket to Beijing, users will enter the "China China Southern Airlines flight to Beijing to search, the central idea of the word input is" tickets ", input" alternative tickets "refers to the upper part of the VIP client, enter" alternative China China Southern Airlines flight to Beijing "refers to the upper section of the ordinary customers. Enter the "tickets" is a very precise customer, but also a lot of competition customers enter the "Chinese China Southern Airlines flight to Beijing", the two core "southern" you can select one of the "Beijing air tickets" refinement of this industry.

long tail keywords although the search of people who do not have the core keywords, but a few or even dozens of dozens of groups of long tail keywords, search your site is very natural. Using the combination of long tail keywords search engine products overseas promotion, promotion method is very common, the reason is very simple, the language barrier, as can write text at home, buy Baidu bid, buy advertising, in advertising alliance.

to promote overseas tourists to China Travel Service

1, select overseas customers will enter the search keywords is very important

get Chinese tourism, I went to China, literal translation is "I go to China". If you enter the "I go to China" as the key word to do the search engine rankings, ranking the first page to estimate the difficulty is not high. But there will be no traffic, not the foreign tourists who are not interested in china. With the "Google keyword tool" query to Chinese tourism keyword is popular "travel China", according to the overseas user’s language habits, choose the key word is the beginning of the optimization rankings.

2, select the appropriate long tail keywords optimization

use "travel China" to search overseas users precise potential users, but the use of the word to optimize the site also many, all for a word, is the best time to play the long tail keywords, can be understood as the surrounding words, with the surrounding keywords to surround the core keywords, like encircling the city.

in addition to the core keywords, we select the appropriate

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