Square dance venture financing company billion yuan aunt market so good

who did not expect, square dance will become the main direction of the start-up company


in 2015, with the square dance number from 80 million to one hundred million upgrade broke out, "square dance" related enterprises in 2015, 2016 ushered in the era of the bonus, and continuously get recognition of capital.

according to read entertainment Jun statistics, over the past two years, at least six companies to obtain financing:

love dance network for the dark horse fund millions of yuan investment, the model for the interests of the social field;

square dance APP innovation Valley Angel round of investment, model for video services;

sugar beans square dance for the fund, such as the B round of $15 million investment, the model for the interest of the community;

99 square dance VentechChina exclusive A round of $5 million investment, model for instructional video, community economy;

dance era was founded capital Pre-A round of tens of millions of yuan investment, the model for the community economy;

it is not difficult to see from the above financing enterprises, most enterprises are from the video – Video Teaching – interest community – to social economic development. This path also reflected another message: square dance is business model from a single model of interest to Internet "mode" derivative.

although the square dance entrepreneurship in the progressive, but also harvest capital. But read the king believes that the market is still in its infancy, the development model is too slow, too narrow radiation, commercial liquidity is still too weak…… more problems, the market may not be as good as the surface look!

square dance personnel radiation range is too narrow

is about to usher in the square dance number is 100 million, while the corresponding is one hundred billion market, a huge crowd market but could not capture users in vain. Because the square dance is mostly engaged in the business of Internet Co, in the face of this wave of people aged 40-50 years, the channels of information dissemination is not in place, even said very slowly — the main reason is the lack of interest groups on the Internet, or not, don’t love the Internet cause.

As everyone knows

relies on the Internet platform, users and large amounts of data to support, if only the market base, platform and corporate users, users daily living is very small, it became lame, fly can’t fly high.

information technology popularization is not in place

personnel radiation is due to the popularity of information technology is not in place.

The main crowd

square dance or in the three or four line of the city, they on traditional channels including radio, television, print media ingrained. But the lack of information on the Internet, the lack of understanding of the platform.

read the king’s mother is a veteran square dance, it is not only interested in square dance, but also want to learn more dance >

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