Barren big data era do you want to stock content or traffic content

your content come from? Where are you going? In the absence of the Internet era, unless you can make masterpieces, otherwise the general content is fleeting. With the Internet, you put ten years ago put a fart can be well preserved, maybe you can shine a new value.

whenever it comes to content marketing, there is always a sense of distance between the two words, I do not know what this content is. If you don’t want to go into what the content inside, can understand the content from another angle. We send out the contents of a time axis, then you can determine how long the content of the life cycle. The two concept to be analyzed today is related to the life of the content: the content of the stock and the content of the traffic.

what is the stock content?

stock content that is not easy to outdated, can be repeatedly used content. This content generally has a very long life cycle, over time will not significantly detract from its value.

, for example, a Wikipedia concept, a scholarly article, a brand story, a blue book or e-book, a tutorial and so on. These contents can be put in there for a long time, some even like the same old cellar longer have the taste. Classic is not outdated, is a major feature of this content.

example: there is a man named Cao Peng, the Internet is very talented, he has a blog called Cao Peng The blog home page has a lot of tutorials, SEO, CSS, JS, and so on, doing very well, is a typical stock content. Many large web sites will these tutorials as an entry-level tutorial, spread widely on the network. So far, the value of these tutorials is still not much damage.

stock content will be made the content of the website collection stored up, forming a similar resource region website, focus on this place is usually the link bait.

what is traffic content?

traffic content is also called consumer content, that is, those who will be forgotten after reading the contents of the preservation period is very short, more is to play the function of the news. For example, a website bulletin, an industry explosive news, a combat case sharing, a travel story, a review of articles, etc.. These contents generally have a relatively short life cycle, over time the value will be significantly reduced, or even into a pile of garbage.

example: there is a web site, called the tiger sniffing the network, is a lot of people like the media website. The contents will be in the flow of content, all kinds of dirt broke, hot "all sorts of gossip, be in full swing. Another example: today’s headlines, traffic content inside the content is typical, everything is all the headlines, it is dirt, which hot touch it.

so, do content marketing, we in the end to the contents of the stock or traffic content?

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