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the sky VANCL launched T-shirts (Sina pictures)


Story series T-shirt

spring (Sina pictures)

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on April 26th news (Xinhua News Agency reporter China network in South Ting, Zhang Tuo, Guo Yujing) recently, Eslite (micro-blog) official website launched a series of T-shirts, and national leaders pictures do substantial advertising, netizens have been criticized. Industry and Commerce Department, said the ad has violated the law, will be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the relevant enterprises.

Beijing City, said

Industrial and Commercial Bureau April 25th to accept Xinhua News Agency "Chinese Internet" reporter interview, VANCL (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. use national leaders image on its website promotion propaganda, constitutes a violation of provisions of the second paragraph of "advertising law" shall not use the name of the seventh organs and functionaries of the advertising. The business sector will be on the illegal acts of the company dealt with according to law, and to remind the business enterprises should strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the "advertisement law" in advertising activities, of advertising violations, the business sector will be investigated according to law.

experts believe that this incident can be seen by every guest, the rapid development of the Internet, change rapidly, on one hand the relevant laws and regulations of China’s Internet management lags behind, on the other hand also reflects the lack of legal knowledge network practitioners. National School of Administration Department of public administration professor Wang Yukai said, a considerable part of the network participants lack of legal knowledge, including some websites use leaders portrait of the awareness of the law, not clear about its legal obligations that might bear legal constraints into the air caused chaos. It is understood that the customer’s official website has revoked the advertisement in 24 days.

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