Pat Guo Bin is taking micro sparks of fire can start a prairie fire


Author: Yu Tak (article from: Baidu hundred)

January 27th, Hangzhou, nearly two thousand businesses, Jingdong’s pat micro shop here officially opened the curtain on the investment in 2015. The scene with a red, red carpet, nearly two thousand red chairs, red propaganda screen, for businesses, red means good business is more and more popular, and for the Jingdong’s investment conference to pat, Ali Hangzhou stronghold, red is full of blatant provocation to ali.

, a shop owner Liu Xingwei in Song interview said his women’s Micro shop on-line since October 2014, the highest single day sales have reached nearly 3 million. He said, after Taobao and Tmall will weaken his shop, because pat micro shop better, cheaper.

Of course, this

a micro shop owner is not representative of what, but the All seats are occupied. grand view, pat micro shop is gaining momentum.

Ali busy layout Tencent diversion


PC era, Ali is almost synonymous with the electricity supplier, occupy 90% of the market, the rise of Taobao and momentum Yiqijuechen, then extends the Tmall B2C platform, including shopping search parity platform Amoy, Juhuasuan group purchase marketing etc..

However, with the

intelligent mobile phone virus has shift network era, the Internet is reconstructed. BAT has changed the rules of three lack of coordination, Tencent do social, Ali electricity providers do Baidu search, is no longer the default boundary of industry.

boundaries are becoming more and more blurred, once seemingly stable country, is under the impact of waves. Just as today’s headlines to bring the traditional portal turned upside down, Ali in the PC era is now being monopolized status of Tencent, especially with WeChat as the representative of the "air" breakthrough.

we can see that whenever Aribi is eager to the layout of the mobile terminal, or mobile payment Alipay wallet, or twelve in 2014 put forward the main battlefield will be transferred to the mobile phone Taobao, or WeChat sniper is the most close to the party, or the flagship enterprise social nail.

as Ali has been frustrated in the social, eager to layout the mobile side, Tencent has always been uncertain electricity supplier.


PC era, the era of Tencent pat Network is doing, Tencent is very clever, pat into Jingdong, the Jingdong after the listing of the first step in the strategic action is announced the establishment of a subsidiary pat Network, entered the field of C2C, on Taobao.

Tencent is behind the scenes, as the traffic center, take diversion mode, and the actual operation of the activities of others to do.

what is the diversion mode, the public comment CEO Zhang Tao last year’s annual meeting will emphasize the diversion mode, the so-called diversion model, in fact, is to establish a sufficient scale of the

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