Chinese STEAM education leader Makeblock will bring new products at Airblock GET2016

high-profile GET 2016 conference has entered the countdown stage. Penetration of the global education market, to show the world China innovation capability of manufacturing Makeblock will also attend the meeting, with the just in Kickstarter all entry-level modular programming successfully raised UAV Airblock extravaganza GET2016, completed the first show returned. Airblock simple operation, Makeblock continues to expand the market for children’s programming leverage, will become one of the highlights of the conference.


Airblock module

GET education technology conference is Chinese top education industry event, intended to open China global vision conference gathered domestic and foreign enterprises, government, academic elite education practitioners, they share their experiences and insights, and hundreds of highly innovative education practitioners, to identify and explore cutting-edge educational technology products, thereby encourage innovation in education, promote the development of education.

Makeblock was founded in 2012, is a company that has served in the creation of the market, to start the hardware technology companies. And Microsoft, Intel and other depth cooperation in more than 120 countries in the world with more than 21 distributors. With Makeblock, you can quickly build a high performance of mechanical structure of the robot or the one and only, in the brain into physical ideas.

as the industry leader, Makeblock is committed to promoting domestic STEAM education. STEAM (ie, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics initials) is an innovative way of education, but also the future trend of education. The idea is to get the kids to try different ideas and create knowledge that can be applied to real life. Encourage children to practice, so as to find the answer they want to achieve the purpose of potential development.

M tribe APP

in the recent launch of the M tribe APP is a representative of the practice of Steam education Makeblock. M tribe is composed of a series of programming learning courses, with the use of mBot educational robot. The M tribe creative game programming into education, to challenge instead of boring knowledge, no teacher supervision, learning programming is like playing games, a step-by-step guide, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the children, so that children can not immersed in learning self-knowledge. M tribe can be downloaded in the mainstream application market:

iOS: Mt=8


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