The United States entered Chengdu booking office home beauty


] April 22nd news billion state power network, the United States opened Chengdu beauty O2O home service area in Chengdu yesterday, the user can through the WeChat public number booking home beauty services, and launched a full 3 booking office door beauty service promotions.

(pictured: WeChat public choice city Mei home page screenshot)

It is reported that the United States

, home to launch 8 projects on the body and face care in Chengdu, including waking shoulder support back care, whitening Hydra care, warm house kidney nourishing care etc.. Currently serving only for female customers.

(pictured: Mei home WeChat public beauty reservation page screenshot)


billion state power network found that the current Chengdu WeChat users only through public order on APP, not a single end. Customer service, said the user side of the Chengdu APP reservation service will be opened recently.

(pictured: Kenny APP home page screenshot)

it is understood that the beauty O2O project home Mei line last December, when it was established in July won the 10 million yuan angel investment, the current service to the city of Beijing and Chengdu. The user can select the appropriate approval or beautician care project, through the mobile phone terminal APP and WeChat public number booking home beauty services. According to the United States home official introduction, on the platform of the beautician massage all have more than five years work experience, and through the three weeks of internal training and examination before the formal appointment, the team (including the total number of more than and 100 people, the beautician).

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