To avoid the death of traditional enterprises how to transition to the nternet

business school in eleven seconds, a column called "one yuan interrogation", that is to say, you only need to spend money, will be able to carry out his own problems about internet marketing, I study your problem, and give a reply.

in the following problems, put forward a student this is eleven seconds of business school problems, because this problem is more representative, so I use this article as an answer, to share my views on this issue.

question: how to successfully transform the traditional enterprise to the Internet? What aspects of the recruitment of talent?

reply: now the network is developing so rapidly, the traditional enterprise is indeed facing restructuring needs, but due to the lack of preparation, try many traditional enterprise restructuring, often start with passion, and to defeat the end of decadence, in this process, the investment enthusiasm, a lot of time and energy, but have little effect, what is more the traditional enterprise, Yinyefeishi is not suitable to the development direction of the internet.

active transformation is dead. The transition is not dead, it has become the traditional enterprise transformation to the embarrassment of the internet.

so, how can we make the successful transformation of traditional enterprises to the Internet, I talk about their views.

to the Internet transformation, first of all you have to know what the Internet is


know what the Internet is, for many traditional business owners, more difficult, because of the Internet and the real economy has a different development, fundamentally speaking, the two genes are not the same, how to better understand the Internet game rules, understand the Internet play


answer is: find the right talent.

found a feeling of Internet talent, find the Internet marketing gate road talent, this is the ideal situation, because only anunderstanding of the Internet can make the traditional way, the input and output on the Internet is ideal, if looking for a layman to lead the traditional enterprise transformation to the Internet, the end result only be effective, the result can only be led the team in the road stumbling transformation, sweating is a package, but still can not find the direction.

, however, to find the right people, for the traditional business owners, it is necessary to spend a lot of energy.

is not a recruitment information in the recruitment website, you can casually find the right people, in the Internet, talented people are easy to go it alone, because the Internet business threshold is relatively low, really talented people, just do what is free, will make do not belong to the income of the work.

traditional enterprise to understand the Internet, to the transformation of the Internet, external recruitment is on the one hand, on the other hand, can cultivate their cronies, develop their own people, let them become expert in this area.

many traditional business owners will feel the Internet >

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