For the decisive battle 618 Taobao suspended expected service

June 15th news, it was learned that Taobao is expected to release 618 of the suspension of the aging service logistics notice, decided to suspend the expected period of time in class logistics services during the period of 618.

expected aging service


announcement shows that due to the logistics services currently cover a large amount of orders, to ensure consumers shopping experience and promote businesses to reduce maintenance costs may arise during the communication, confirmation, decided in 618 years to promote the suspension of aging service is expected, the pause time from June 10, 2015 to the end of June 24, 2015 16:00 9:00.

After the

service is closed, consumers in the details of the product page or a single page will not see the service logo and related information.

it is understood that, considering the pressure distribution and delivery capacity of logistics terminal, in the general "double eleven", "shuangshier", Spring Festival and other important nodes to suspend the service. In addition, we did not find a record 618 years ago to suspend the service.

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